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People are all different, that’s why we decided to design our headboards differently, to make them unique – like you. We wanted to make Genesis headboards an expression of who you are and what you love.

Ok, so right now you’re probably saying to yourself, “What, you can do all that with a headboard?” Yes absolutely!

We live in a day where now, perhaps more than ever, we draw inspiration from imagery. We all have increasingly sophisticated cameras built into our phones to capture those magic moments, as they happen. We update the wallpapers and screensavers on our desktops and on our mobile devices often, to reflect our moods and aspirations. We collect images we love on Pinterest and follow photographers we admire on Instagram.

Genesis acoustic headboards provide an innovative way, for you to fine tune the decor in your bedroom with custom imagery, on your headboard. Once you understand how our new, exciting system works, we think you’ll never look at a headboard the same way again.

Old School


You have to get in your car, travel to a few shops and eventually choose from only a handful of options, then you buy a headboard but are stuck with the finish for a few years until you eventually grow tired of it.


New School


We’re shaking up the status quo. Introducing Genesis acoustic headboards. You go through the whole selection process from the comfort of your couch or wherever you are for that matter. You choose the finish of your new acoustic headboard from thousands of stunning options – don’t worry we help make the selection process easy.


Ready to get going? Awesome!

Still curious to find our more? Great, read on.

Inspiration on Tap


With so many amazing images to choose from we know it can be hard to make that final selection. But now we want to totally blow your mind, with Genesis custom headboards you get to change the finish as often as you want – without ever having to leave the house or pick up a pair of pliers or a staple gun. That’s the best excuse you’ll ever have to down tools.



We know, it’s very hard to contain your excitement – we don’t blame you! Thats right, you‘ll always have a fresh image to inspire you and the best part is the cost of additional prints, come at only a fraction of the cost of the original headboard.

“Ok, wait a second” I hear you saying, “just how good do these headboards look?” Well we thought you might ask that so we’ve prepared a few “before and after” photos to help win you over.


Drag the sliders to view our amazing before and afters!

Now we’ve got even more exciting stuff to tell you but if you’re super excited and just can’t wait to jump in then here’s your chance.


Still reading on?

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The Acoustic Benefits


Ok, so by now I’m sure you’ve been wondering why we keep calling them acoustic headboards. Well, in our quest to make the best ever headboard we decided to fill the Genesis headboard with a professional, recording studio grade acoustic foam. How did we do that?



Well these headboards are borne with a pedigree, they were designed and created by the owner of Genesis Acoustics South Africa. At Genesis Acoustics, we specialise in commercial and industrial soundproofing and acoustic treatment We have over 20 years of experience in the acoustic industry.

You can find out more here.


Hear the difference


We all understand that a deep, peaceful sleep is one of the pillars of good health. Our headboards are constructed with an acoustic foam core which dampens the sound in your bedroom, this helps to create a quiet, peaceful, restful space.

The acoustic properties of the headboard will also make any music you play in your bedroom sound even better by mitigating disturbing reflections, which cause interference and degrade the audio quality. In simple terms the clarity of the audio signal will improve. To explain the analogy, sound engineers typically call a resonant room with unwanted resonance “cold” and room with soft furnishings “warm”. For the technically minded read on here to find out more.

Listen for yourself and hear the difference in audio quality between a room with a warm sound, to rooms with steadily increasing resonance which is caused by hard reflective surfaces and larger volume spaces.



Excited to get going – I thought so! Dive right in.

Built in Recessed Lighting…
Set the Mood


Genesis custom headboards come with the option of built in recessed LED lights. Although it’s optional, the soft, mood lighting is so amazing to live with that we cannot imagine going without it.

Having a soft, indirect light in the bedroom helps to prepare you for sleep and is far more relaxing than using a bright side lamp or overhead light on the ceiling before bedtime. The recessed lighting is so effective that you’ll probably find that no other lighting is required. This will be subjective and will depend on your eyesight.

Ordinarily your body produces the soporific (sleep-inducing) melatonin as a preparation for sleep. But, says sleep researcher Christopher Drake, “light actually suppresses melatonin.” Melatonin suppression caused by light is at the heart of much of the research linking nighttime light to sleep disorders and poor health. Bright lights before bedtime are not helpful.

The soft, indirect lighting is also kind on the eyes when you are just waking up and looking forward to that first cuppa to get you going.

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