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If you are looking for a company that has a rich history in dealing with all issues related to soundproofing and acoustic treatment – look no further. At Genesis Acoustics we are passionate about everything to do with architectural acoustics. We believe that our products should not only perform well technically but they should look beautiful too.

Acoustic headboards are the latest innovation by Genesis Acoustics, bringing all our experience in the commercial field to your home. Our acoustic headboards will create a new level of acoustic comfort and beautiful custom finishes that will surprise and amaze.

A typical day at Genesis involves us providing acoustic solutions for areas such as home theatre/cinema rooms, boardrooms, conference rooms, video conference rooms, home recording studios, professional recording studios, broadcast studios, factory noise issues, as well as taming noise such as generators, compressors, pool pumps, heat pumps, traffic noise and much, much more.

We have about 20 years of experience in the acoustic field. Our products and expertise are relied on throughout South Africa and abroad. We have full branches in Port Elizabeth, Johannesburg and are represented in Cape Town. Wherever you may be, we will be glad to be of service and courier our products around South Africa on a daily basis.

Acoustic Headboards are designed by Genesis Acoustics to achieve sound absorption, on par with a world class, professional recording studio but with a stunning finish to brighten your day. Acoustic headboards give you the power to stop noise in its tracks and help you sleep better as night.

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